The white dress shirt has come to be known as a must-have in almost every man's wardrobe, and for a good reason, it's versatile and wearable for many different occasions.

To many, the white dress shirt often associates with formal garments such as suits. Don't get us wrong, it's a match made in heaven, but did you know that you could make a white dress shirt work for more occasions using the right styling?

Here's how to make your white dress shirt wearable for casual events:

Roll up your shirt sleeves for a relaxed feel and look.

A low collar and unbuttoned shirt buttons are a great way to achieve a less formal look, don't go too heavy on the buttons, though.

A convertible cuff makes it easy to match your white dress shirt with a sleek watch.

Don't forget the back details; back folds give you extra comfort and space for a comfortable fit.

Matte buttons enhance a casual look and feel.


Shop this shirt


Shop this shirt

White and business is a perfect match. Here are a few tips on how to secure the ideal white business shirt:

Choose a classic business collar that works well with a tie due to its height.

The link cuffs add a sleek finish to your business shirt.

The split yoke detail adds a luxurious finish and provides comfort.

Add your initials to the cuff using embroidery in a subtle color.

Black suit, black leather shoes, gold cufflinks, and top it off with a crisp white dress shirt. That's what we call the ultimate formal outfit. Here's how you achieve it:

A high collar pairs nicely with both a tie and bow tie.

The French cuff is the ideal formal cuff, perfectly styled with your favorite cufflinks.

A classic bottom cut keeps the dress shirt in its place, tucked inside the pants.

The small details make the difference: Mother of pearl buttons adds a luxurious touch to your formal outfit.

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