Ironing your shirt

Great results quickly

A wrinkled shirt looks tired and scruffy. Many find ironing tedious and time consuming, but it doesn't have to be. Let us show you!

Start with washing your shirt. A good cotton shirt should be washed at 40 degrees (centigrade). Avoid spinning at high speeds because it makes the shirt much more difficult to iron. Whatever you do, do not tumble dry! Your shirt should still be a bit damp before ironing. Allowing the shirt to dry after washing causes the wrinkles to set. If your shirts are dry, dampen them with water from a spray bottle before you begin. Hard creases can be dipped in water and ironed dry.

Carefully remove all collar pins to avoid melting these by mistake with the hot iron. A cotton shirt can handle quite a lot of heat so use 3 dots on the iron. Full steam is also preferred.

Start with folding out the collar and iron the back side of it. When its smooth, continue with the front of the shirt. Pay special attention to get the button placket neat as this is an eye-catcher. Continue with ironing the back.

The sleeves are the hardest part to iron, but also very important. Start with putting the sleeve flat on the ironing board and keep the seam at the bottom. Iron across the sleeve and be careful not to crease the other side of it since you are ironing double layers of fabric. When finished, work the cuff from the inside, shaping it nice and round.

At last, you fold the collar and iron it down using the tip of the iron. Finished in less than five!

Some of our fabrics are treated to be easier to iron. One of the treatments is called Easy Care and another is called Wrinkle Free. Wrinkle free is presently the best we have to offer.