The Traveller Suit

Travel with comfort - arrive in style

The Traveller Suit is perfect for everyone who needs a suit which is aesthetically suitable for work trips but with the comfort and style of leisure time.

The suit fabric is a technical invention, where wool and elastane are woven together in a special way in order to create a fabric with some great features.


Allows you to move and sit comfortably during those long business flights.

Minimum crease

Does not crease as easy as any other suits.

Year round

Medium weight suit fabric for all seasons

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Caring for your suit

Wear your suit on the plane to keep it crease free

If it does wrinkle. Just hang it on a proper hanger with wide shoulders, throw the trousers across the beam in the middle and let the gravity do the rest.

Get your suit steamed. Do this yourself if you have a travel steamer at hand. Otherwise, just do this: hang your suit on a proper hanger in the bathroom, turn on the shower and set to boiling hot. Leave a couple of minutes and let the bathroom turn into a sauna. Wait and once your suit is well steamed get it out and hand it in a dry place. Avoid extreme heat, like hanging it above a radiator.

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